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at least until it's over...

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That’s why I do a lot of things, to simply get better. I feel like a lot of people exist to only do what that have been trained or the things that they have perfect. At least that seems to be the ideal. However, that couldn’t seem further from reality. We grow, and through doing things we get better at them. It’s actually pretty dangerous for anyone to think they have mastered anything. To master something means there is no more room to grow. I hope to be a person that always allows room for growth. I want to work on improving my skills in everything I do every chance I get to do it. Life is never complete, at least until it’s over.

That’s my encouragement today.
It’s ok to fail today because I will do better tomorrow.
It’s ok to not be the expert, because I will choose to always improve.
It’s ok to improve tomorrow, what I start today.

They key it seems is to continue to try.